1 Trade the Houston Rockets could make with every other lottery team

Could the Houston Rockets make a move for Alexandre Sarr?
Could the Houston Rockets make a move for Alexandre Sarr? / Kelly Defina/GettyImages
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#7: Houston Rockets trade Jae'Sean Tate, Jock Landale, and third pick for Keldon Johnson and eighth pick with Spurs

Johnson seems like a probable trade target this summer. He's comparable to Devin Vassell. Do the Spurs need two small(ish) wings that occupy similar spaces on the floor?

Here's a related question: do the Rockets need Johnson? He's comparable to Dillon Brooks, who's a more impactful defender. The Rockets are also busy preparing young wings like Jabari Smith Jr., Tari Eason, and Cam Whitmore for major roles moving forward.

Remember the caveat at the beginning of the piece? We're not advocating for these deals. We're simply identifying deals that could get done. The Rockets could like Johnson, or simply value bringing in a young player with proven production over making another draft pick.

At 24, Johnson still has room to grow. The Rockets could consider investing in his potential. If they have any interest in Johnson, they'll entertain this offer.