10 increasingly likely superstars the Rockets could consider this summer

Brooklyn Nets v Atlanta Hawks
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8. Luka Doncic

The Dallas Mavericks have done everything possible to appease Luka Doncic. And rightfully so, as it can be nearly impossible to replace a young superstar of his ilk.

They’ve fired coaches, in hopes of making him happy, while also getting rid of executives. They’ve also swapped out co-stars, in hopes of finding a better running mate for Doncic, as they traded for Kristaps Porzingis only to get rid of him and bring in Kyrie Irving shortly thereafter.

The Irving-Doncic pairing hasn’t quite been all that successful, as they missed the play-in tournament last season and have only played 44 total games together, due to injuries. In those games, they’ve only gone 23-21.

Doncic has made it clear that he wants to win and contend for championships. As it currently stands, the Mavs are seventh in the Western Conference in 2023-24 and aren’t viewed as a legitimate threat to even win the Western Conference, which Doncic has never done.

In many ways, the Mavericks are in the same situation the Rockets were in when they had James Harden. Like eerily similar.

And what we learned was that once Harden was ready to bolt, there wasn’t any stopping him.

The Mavericks could face this same fate if they end up being an early out in the playoffs.