10 increasingly likely superstars the Rockets could consider this summer

Brooklyn Nets v Atlanta Hawks
Brooklyn Nets v Atlanta Hawks / Alex Slitz/GettyImages
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1. Trae Young

The Rockets have been in pursuit of their next James Harden since Harden was dealt in 2021. They had hope that Kevin Porter Jr. would be able to fill that void, but that was always a lofty goal.

Trae Young is more of a match than anyone the Rockets have had since making the trade.

Young figures to be on the move this summer, as speculation has mounted regarding the Atlanta Hawks' interest in making Dejounte Murray the franchise player. The 25-year-old Young has averaged 26.7 points, 10.9 assists, 42.7 percent from the field, 37.1 percent from deep, and 58.3 percent true shooting.

And he knows how to get to the line, much like the Rockets' version of Harden, as he averages eight free throw attempts per game, while making 85.8 percent of them. Young is a heliocentric player, who creates gravity and can get open looks for his teammates.

And he can get a bucket in winning time, which the Rockets don't currently have on the roster.

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