11 Houston Rockets' role players who will never be forgotten

Houston Rockets v Utah Jazz, Game 4
Houston Rockets v Utah Jazz, Game 4 / Jonathan Ferrey/GettyImages
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4. Vernon Maxwell

Vernon Maxwell was an irritant for opponents, for several reasons. For starters, he always rose to the occasion when the stakes were highest, as evidenced by his duels with Michael Jordan, and he was incredibly unpredictable.

And he could get hot in an instant. Ask the Cleveland Cavaliers, who saw him drop 30 points in one quarter. The dude was gifted.

More often than not, Maxwell was either the second-best or third-best scorer on the Rockets during his tenure, and he had a respectable 3-point shot.

Maxwell was a contributor on both of the Rockets' title teams and was the second-leading scorer in the 1994 NBA Finals, averaging 13.6 points.