11 Houston Rockets' role players who will never be forgotten

Houston Rockets v Utah Jazz, Game 4
Houston Rockets v Utah Jazz, Game 4 / Jonathan Ferrey/GettyImages
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5. P.J. Tucker

P.J. Tucker emodies every sense of the "role player" label. The dude could care less about getting buckets and will never be accused of being selfish.

Especially not offensively.

Tucker was one of the most durable, unheralded players, not only on the Rockets, but in the entire league. And he was versatile enough to play either forward spot and even the center spot, which the Rockets ultimately experimented with in 2019-20.

Tucker understood his role perhaps better than anyone else on his list. On the offensive end, his job was to run to the corner, as he was one of the premier corner 3-point shooters in the league.

And defensively, he was ferocious. Sure, he never made any All-Defensive teams, but players have always given him his credit. Hell, Kevin Durant named him as the league's toughest defender.

Tucker will forever be in the hearts of Rockets fans.