15 players the Rockets landed past their prime

Houston Rockets v Memphis Grizzlies
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The Houston Rockets have developed a penchant for aggressively pursuing players they've coveted. When the Rockets have interest in a player, they'll eventually land their guy, more often than not. The keyword is eventually.

At some point down the road.

They don't take no for an answer. And they'll swing for the fences.

Which is great for fans, as they see their favorite team going all in and doing whatever they deem necessary to concoct a contending roster.

The Rockets have been used as a charity fund by players who were well past their prime

However, the downside is that the Rockets are oftentimes so enamored with players who were stars at some point in time that they find themselves adding players past their prime or at the end of their peak.

This has morphed the franchise into a nursing home, in many respects, and allowed older players to get one final bag from the Rockets. And there are countless examples of this (unfortunately).

Let's delve into them.