2 Future Hall of Famers share horrible experiences they had with Rockets

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2. Carmelo Anthony

One of the Rockets' moves that flamed out was the Carmelo Anthony acquisition.

The Rockets were looking for a scoring punch in the 2018-19 season and added Anthony, who was coming off a disappointing season with the Thunder. And it didn't hurt that Anthony was besties with Chris Paul, who had already proven his worth and value for the team.

Anthony struggled to play Morey ball and wasn't quite the best fit for Mike D'Antoni's style of play. Plus he wanted a significantly larger role than what the Rockets were able to carve out for him (although the Rockets gave him 29.4 minutes per night).

You don't have to be a Rockets fan to know this, as Anthony has spoken out about this at every passing opportunity. He recently shared his thoughts yet again on how the Rockets notified him that he would no longer be a part of the team on "The Why with Dwyane Wade” as a co-production of iHeartPodcasts and Wade’s 59th & Prairie Entertainment.

"We’re like 3-5 or something [and he said we] need to meet. I’m thinking he wanted to meet with me to figure out what’s going on with the team and the players – I don’t want to say his name – come to my room and says, ‘yeah I think your services are no longer needed.’

He’s like ‘ah man but nah we don’t see you as part of the plans going into playoffs.’ Playoffs? We are nine games into the season, you talking about playoffs. So now I’m getting serious and he’s very stoic just like this is what it’s going to be.

And I say, ‘Damn bro, you don’t have a soul man, you don’t have a heart. I can take it. But the fact that you came in here and told me we don’t have a place for you on this team and I asked you why and you telling me well it’s just not a fit…what’s not going to fit?"

Again, 'Melo is still bitter and salty about being given his walking papers. Which is understandable. 

We're talking about one of the greatest scorers in league history. Perhaps Morey could've given him more respect.