2 Future Hall of Famers share horrible experiences they had with Rockets

San Antonio Spurs v Houston Rockets
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1. Chris Paul

When Chris Paul speaks on the Rockets, you have to listen. He was the missing piece. 

And he was given a max deal by Morey. So his comments carry weight.

And he didn't speak highly of Morey either

Paul shared his story about getting traded by Morey, despite the longtime Rockets executive telling him he was safe in Houston, on "The Why with Dwyane Wade” as a co-production of iHeartPodcasts and Wade’s 59th & Prairie Entertainment.

"Daryl called me while I was in Vegas…so the night that started everything was when Kawhi went to the Clippers and then Paul George go traded to the Clippers. I go over to the gym to go work out and Daryl call me.

He said ‘I was just calling you to make sure you didn’t wanna go to OKC.’ I was like, ‘No, why I done moved 15 people to Houston.’ And he was like, ‘Okay I was just making sure. He was like I would never trade you to somewhere you didn’t want to go because you chose to come to us from the Clippers.’

Next thing you know [the alert] said that I was getting traded [to OKC]. And then my phone started ringing and it was Daryl calling. So I ain’t know…Daryl was like, ‘Hey man, it just moves so fast.’ I said, ‘It’s all good I just want you to tell me one thing. You said you wasn’t going to trade me, right?’ He said, ‘Yeah I said that but–’ I said, ‘That’s all I needed to know.’”

Paul also gave his thoughts on the Rockets' handling of Carmelo Anthony.

“[Melo] tells me what happens with Daryl and I’m like, ‘What?’ Tells me he came to his room, told him he’d get him a flight back to New York.

How do you say this to this man? …So we were going to play San Antonio the next day. Try to tell that man he could get on the team plane and fly back with us the next day.

This is some of the most disrespectful sh-t I’d ever seen…I know he said something about fly on the team plane back to Houston after you just told the mane you don’t need his services no more…So I think I might have hit Daryl and tell him how f-cked up he was and how disrespectful he was."

Morey's rifts with players continued even after he bolted Houston, as he and longtime Rockets franchise icon James Harden, which became his most public feud.

In this regard, the Rockets should be happy that Morey is no longer with the team.

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