2 head-scratching decisions that have come back to haunt the Rockets

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1. Mismanaging Tari Eason's leg injury

Again, the Rockets have been ravished by injuries. Fred VanVleet has missed seven games, and the Rockets have gone 1-6 during those games. Dillon Brooks has missed nine games and the Rockets went 4-5 without him in the lineup.

The biggest injury, however, has been to Tari Eason, who has missed 34 games total and hasn't played since New Year's Day. Eason suffered a leg injury in the preseason and played in 22 of the team's first 31 games.

However, he's missed 26 games consecutively and the latest news seems as though he may be out for the rest of the season, as he's seeking third and fourth opinions. So why did he play in 22 games, if he was at risk of making the injury worse?

Eason is one of the most dynamic players on the roster. His absence has been felt in ways that the others weren't. His skillset isn't one that can be duplicated.

The right play all along was sitting him until he was fully healthy. Sure, players will always want to play.

They're competitors. Especially someone like Eason, who had yet to miss a game entering this season. But the team should've determined what was best and intervened.

Now they're paying for it.

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