2 reasons the Rockets must trade for AJ Griffin

Atlanta Hawks v Milwaukee Bucks
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AJ Griffin played in 72 games in 2022-23 and averaged 8.9 points, 2.1 rebounds, 46.5 percent from the floor, 39 percent from deep (3.6 attempts). Griffin played 19.5 minutes as a rookie for the Hawks, which is impressive, as many often get demoted to the G-League in their first season.

This bodes well for his ability to occupy minutes right away in Ime Udoka's rotation. Griffin even drilled two game-winners as a rookie for the Hawks.

The Rockets need more wing depth, which has been made clear of late. Sure, the Rockets have been without Dillon Brooks and Tari Eason due to injury, but this could be the case for an extended period of time, especially as it pertains to Eason.

Griffin possesses some playmaking chops as well. Adding a 20-year-old with his size (6-foot-6) makes all the sense in the world.

He'd be able to immediately step into a significant role.