2 Rockets that earned untouchable status, 4 that should be forgotten expeditiously

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After three seasons of being in the dregs of the Western Conference, the Houston Rockets are ready to take a leap. The Rockets have their sights set on hiring a championship coach, which is certainly the first step.

And after details surfaced regarding the level of involvement by Rockets GM Rafael Stone during Stephen Silas' coaching tenure, Stone could be on the hot seat. In other words, this rebuild needs to end rather quickly.

Stone and the Rockets' front office will have to make the necessary offseason moves for the franchise to take that desired leap and immerse themselves in the tier of contenders. Armed with $61 million in cap space and a full cabinet of draft picks (a lethal tandem), the Rockets should essentially be able to land whomever they desire.

The term untouchable is used loosely in the NBA, but in all actuality, a team that won just 25 percent of their games over a three-year period shouldn't have too many players deemed untouchable. Essentially every player can be attainable, if the asking price is met.

Untouchable is essentially defined as "we don't want to trade this player but we'll do it if we get what we're looking for." The only such player on the Rockets' roster right now should be Jalen Green, but there are two others that have etched themselves in that select group.

There are also the expendables, which the Rockets have quite a few of.

As the front office prepares to make wholesale changes, here are the players that should be viewed as untouchables and the players that should be viewed as expendable. Let's start with the untouchables.