2 Rockets that earned untouchable status, 4 that should be forgotten expeditiously

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4 players that should be forgotten expeditiously

Boban Marjanovich

As I sat in attendance for the Rockets-Lakers game on April 2nd, I heard someone sitting directly behind me make mention of their desire to see "this 7-foot-4 kid on the Rockets." I, too, thought I'd love to see Victor Wembanyama on the team, but struggled to understand the relevance at that moment.

Then he stated "if this Boban kid has any potential, why aren't the Rockets playing him right now?" Then I realized who he was referring to. There was one problem with that....well, two problems actually.

Boban isn't a kid. He's 34-years-old. And he just completed his eighth season, past the point of measuring potential. 

No wonder I was confused.

Boban was acquired via trade last offseason, as the Rockets' sent Christian Wood to the Dallas Mavericks, netting the Mavs' first round pick in the 2022 NBA Draft, along with Sterling Brown, Trey Burke, and Marjanovic.

Burke and Brown were bought out but Marjanovic remained in Houston, as the Rockets were seeking a big man and a veteran presence. But it didn't quite pan out that way, as Marjanovic never played double-digit minutes, oftentimes coming in games during garbage time, taking minutes away from Usman Garuba. Or playing during the most inopportune times, like when he'd sub in for Alperen Sengun (I, too, would like to forget that). 

Simply put, Boban doesn't improve a team. His brings value as a cheerleader on the sidelines and....well, that's not exactly a role that's needed. And certainly not for a Rockets team that tied for the fewest wins in the Western Conference. 

If you're playing Boban more than two minutes per half, you're probably asking for too much out of him. 

Now I'm sure you're wondering why Boban is on this list in the first place, since he's an unrestricted free agent and isn't guaranteed to occupy a roster spot for the Rockets next season. It's because he's one of the players that needs to be forgotten expeditiously.