2 Rockets who have underperformed, 2 that have been useless

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Underperformed: Fred VanVleet

Fred VanVleet has been as much of a godsend as Ime Udoka, as he’s provided veteran leadership and mentorship to a team that desperately needed it. The Rockets have one of the league’s youngest cores and were significantly lacking guidance and wisdom.

VanVleet has encouraged teammates to keep shooting when their shots haven’t been falling and has been a source of confidence across the board. The NBA champion has made pivotal free throws in clutch moments and has made key buckets when the game has been on the line.

That’s been the good. Unfortunately there’s been a healthy amount of dismal play as well. Especially as it pertains to his shooting inefficiencies.

Granted, this was known about FVV beforehand, as he made just 39.3 percent of his shots in 2022-23, while shooting 54 percent true shooting, however, this season VanVleet has been even worse.

VanVleet has made 38.4 percent of his shots, 40.3 percent of his two-pointers, and 52.2 percent true shooting which are his lowest marks since becoming a starter.

VanVleet has had a very questionable shot selection this season, as he’s oftentimes taken ill-advised shots early in the shot clock. VanVleet simply hasn’t taken high percentage shots, which could be a simple fix.

Again, VanVleet hasn’t been a dud, as the positives outweigh the negatives, but he could certainly play much better.