2 Rockets who have underperformed, 2 that have been useless

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Absolutely Useless: Reggie Bullock

Although Rockets coach Ime Udoka is known for his brilliance on the defensive end of the floor, the Rockets’ offense has also been much better than anticipated, as they rank 10th in offensive efficiency. What’s been even more surprising thus far is the Rockets’ stellar long-range shooting, as they’ve made 37 percent from deep- good for ninth-best in the league.

The Rockets didn’t exactly prioritize shooting in the offseason, which many believed would bite them in the rear. The only semblance of shooting that Rockets GM Rafael Stone acquired was Reggie Bullock, who made 38 percent of his triples last season as a starter for the Dallas Mavericks (5.1 attempts).

Bullock is a career 38 percent shooter and figured to be a major shot in the arm for the Rockets, in this regard.

Well, it….hasn’t quite materialized thus far. In fact, Bullock hasn’t been able to crack Udoka’s rotation, as he's essentially only been playable during blowouts and/or when the game has already been decided.

Bullock is shooting just 28.6 percent from three and has actually been one of the Rockets’ worst shooters on the roster, if not the worst.

Bullock is playing a mere 10.4 minutes per contest, due to his inability to get his shots to fall.

That’s beyond disappointing, as he was supposed to be the best shooter on the team and has been unable to provide any real