2 Rockets who have underperformed, 2 that have been useless

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Absolutely Useless: Jock Landale

Before the start of the season, the Rockets sought to add an additional big man. The Rockets swung and missed on Brook Lopez, and struck out on Dallas Mavericks center Dwight Powell, as both centers stayed with their respective franchises. 

The Rockets were forced to pivot to Jock Landale, who transformed from a journeyman into a key rotation player for the Phoenix Suns just last season. Landale was expected to provide defense, rebounding, and shooting to the Rockets' second unit.

That simply hasn’t been the case.

Landale has been bad by all accounts. 

His defense has been non-existent, his shooting has been atrocious (22.2 percent from deep), and his shooting efficiency- 37.1 percent true shooting- has been....ehh....subpar (to put it politely).

Landale has even had more turnovers than blocks this season. He's looked slow-footed quite regularly and has been unable to provide any real value, outside of being used as salary ballast in a deal at the trade deadline.

Landale's poor start has forced Jeff Green into a greater role than what was initially expected, which has surprisingly been a good thing, as he's been far and away significantly better than the 6-foot-11 Aussie. However, Green isn't known for his defense and his 6-foot-8 frame (along with his age) makes it difficult to see him as a permanent option as a secondary big man on a nightly basis.

Landale suffered an ankle injury during international play over the summer and had a concussion just a few weeks ago. It's possible that he's not fully healthy, but that excuse is likely not good enough to prevent him from getting moved off the Rockets' roster.