2 Trade deadline moves that would boost Rockets, 3 they must avoid

2023 NBA Finals - Game Three
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Boost: Finding a replacement for Jock Landale

I know it sounds like a broken record but it can't be stated enough just how bad Jock Landale has been for the Rockets. He appeared to be a sneaky good, underrated free agent acquisition, especially following the Phoenix Suns' postseason series against the LA Clippers, as he largely outplayed Deandre Ayton, who was viewed as a fringe star-level player by the masses.

Landale was a forced pivot by the Rockets' brass, as their top targets became unavailable rather quickly, which gave the signing even more potential as a low-key good move. Obviously that's been quite the opposite, as he's been unplayable in any situation. 

Fortunately, the Rockets have realized the severity of not having a quality reserve behind Alperen Sengun and are reportedly seeking to avenge their mistake. The Rockets have been linked to Nick Richards, Clint Capela, and Daniel Gafford, to name a few.

Even Bismack Biyombo would be a quality free agent signing. The Rockets seem to be prepared to address this need, one way or another, and rightfully so.