2 Trade deadline moves that would boost Rockets, 3 they must avoid

2023 NBA Finals - Game Three
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Avoid: Trading Jalen Green

Much has been made about Jalen Green's regression this season. Green developed a knack for getting buckets with ease through his first two seasons and that just hasn't been the case in 2023-24. 

Green was always going to struggle the most with the coaching change from Stephen Silas to Ime Udoka, as he constantly had the green light (no pun intended) in Silas's system but has been asked to play more of a team-oriented style of basketball, in which everyone touches the ball.

He's improved his effort on the defensive end and has gotten much better with making the right reads on the offensive end. But his shots haven't been falling, which is supposed to be his biggest value and most reliable skillset.

For this reason, many within the fanbase have clamored for the Rockets to trade Green. And although that may be the popular sentiment to have, that would be a foolish decision on the Rockets' part.

For one, he still has the same potential and ability that made him a 22 point scorer. That didn't just go away overnight.

But also, Green's value is at an all-time low right now, due to his struggles. The Rockets wouldn't get anything of value for Green, and would likely have to attach additional assets to move the third-year guard.

It's never smart to trade a distressed asset with diminished value, as that oftentimes leads to sellers getting taken advantage of. The Rockets need Green to play better and start making shots, not to replace him with someone who isn't as talented, while also burning future draft picks to make either a downgrade or a marginal improvement. 

Hold on to him and let him get out of this slump.