2024 NBA Mock Draft: Rockets snag potential star at 4, Wizards change fortunes

The Rockets could add more young talent to their core if things fall right.
2024 NBA Draft, Ron Holland
2024 NBA Draft, Ron Holland / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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19. Miami Heat select D.J. Wagner

Wagner is a certified bucket. He creates well off the dribble and can flat-out score. He is a problem in the mid-range but needs to add a consistent 3-point shot to round out his game. Wagner may just be a score-first option off the bench, but that is a needed skill set for every team.

If the Heat land another star, Tyler Herro likely gets traded in the package. Miami could replace him with a new Kentucky guard who loves to score.

20. Oklahoma City Thunder snag Bobi Klintman

The Thunder are loaded with young talent and ready to leap. Oklahoma City could be primed for a consolidation trade. If they keep their roster intact, the Thunder will likely search for a project to put at the end of their bench as their rotation is already crowded.

Klintman struggled during his lone season at Wake Forest, but the 6’10 forward has massive potential. He could be the 6’10 3-and-D option that every team desires. Klintman turned pro and is playing in the NBL. He has already shown flashes and could quickly climb boards if he keeps it up.

21. Indiana Pacers (via LA Clippers) grab Jared McCain

The Pacers have Tyrese Haliburton running their offense, but they could look to add another creator to diversify their attack. McCain is 6’3 and looking to shine next to Tyrese Proctor on the Duke Blue Devils. His playmaking is strong, but can he blossom into a more well-rounded option? McCain needs a strong season to remain in the first round.

The TikTok sensation will get plenty of buzz if he proves himself on the court as a freshman. Indiana would love to add a talent prospect with NBA starter upside in the 20s.