3 bold predictions for the Houston Rockets' offseason

Will the Houston Rockets extend Jalen Green this summer?
Will the Houston Rockets extend Jalen Green this summer? / Sam Hodde/GettyImages
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2. The Rockets draft Reed Sheppard

Ever since the Rockets landed the third pick, there's been constant speculation about what they might do.

It's not often that a .500 team lands such a high pick. It feels like an opportunity to make a trade. The Rockets are widely seen as candidates to move this pick for some win-now help.

We expect them to hold serve. The Rockets' biggest need is shooting. Sheppard shot 52.5% from long-range during last year's college basketball season. Why not select a player who's cost-controlled, fits a team need, and has the potential to grow with the rest of your roster?

Teams seldom trade out of the top-5 of the draft, and there's a reason for that. Having your pick of the top young players in the country is about as valuable as possible. The Rockets are likely to cherish that opportunity when Sheppard is both the perfect fit, and arguably, the best prospect who's likely to be left on the board.