3 bold predictions for the Houston Rockets' offseason

Will the Houston Rockets extend Jalen Green this summer?
Will the Houston Rockets extend Jalen Green this summer? / Sam Hodde/GettyImages
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3. The Rockets don't make any major trades

This one flies in the face of conventional wisdom.

The whole world is waiting for the Rockets to make a move. Something tells us that they're not going to do much of any substance.

Rafael Stone has been preaching patience. This is a core group of players that he drafted. Why would he blow it up before having a clear understanding of what these guys are capable of?

If the Rockets make a major acquisition, it will likely be a shooter. Still, if they select Sheppard in the draft, he'll be earmarked for that role. In that event, last season's deadline addition of Steven Adams should have plugged all the major holes in this roster.

We could be wrong. Someone could make the Rockets an offer that they can't refuse. Stone could make us look silly by pushing all of the chips in for a superstar.

That's just one of the many options available to the Rockets.