3 Draft day trades the Houston Rockets would have to consider

Could the Houston Rockets make a draft day deal with the Grizzlies?
Could the Houston Rockets make a draft day deal with the Grizzlies? / Justin Ford/GettyImages
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Teams rarely trade out of the top of the NBA draft.

There's a reason for that. What more could you want than a top draft pick? Normally, that's among the most valuable assets in the NBA.

There are exceptions to every rule. When a playoff contender lands a top pick as a result of a previous trade, they'll consider moving the pick for win-now help. Moreover, when a draft is seen as weak, teams near the top may prefer targets closer to the middle or bottom of the draft.

Would you look at that? Both exceptions apply to the Houston Rockets. They're on the cusp of the playoffs, and they've got the third overall pick in what's perceived to be a weak draft.

Here are 3 deals they could make as a result.

1. Houston Rockets trade down with Grizzlies

The Grizzlies need a big man. Ironically, that's because they sent Steven Adams to the Rockets this year. Could Houston help them land their next starting center?

We're not talking about Landale - although, he'd be a reasonable addition to this team's rotation. We're talking about Donovan Clingan. With Alperen Sengun on the roster, the Rockets may not be interested in the presumptive third-overall pick.

The Grizzlies should be. With Clingan in drop coverage and Jaren Jackson Jr. as a free safety, they could build one of the best defenses in the league soon. Yet, the Rockets benefit from this deal as well.

They desperately need shooting. With this deal, they add a knockdown floor spacer in Kennard. Theoretically, they could add another sniper like Tennesee's Dalton Knecht with the ninth overall pick.

Could they trade even further down into the draft?