3 Draft day trades the Houston Rockets would have to consider

Could the Houston Rockets make a draft day deal with the Grizzlies?
Could the Houston Rockets make a draft day deal with the Grizzlies? / Justin Ford/GettyImages
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3. Houston Rockets make blockbuster deal with Nets

We proposed this recently. We may propose it again. After all, we think this would be a masterpiece of a deal.

It's not just about landing Bridges. Although, make no mistake - he's an excellent player. His ability to create his own shot and consistently space the floor would make him a marked upgrade over Brooks for the Rockets.

Yet, the Rockets shouldn't make the deal if the Nets insist on getting their 2025 pick back. Part of what makes this deal attractive for the Rockets is weakening the Nets ahead of the Cooper Flagg draft. The 2025 class is generally seen as strong. With this deal, the Rockets improve their odds of landing a top selection while upgrading their roster at the same time.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Perhaps. Yet, the Nets would have to be tempted by this deal. They're getting a large chunk of their future back. Even if it means handing the Rockets Flagg, they'll have the option to tank for their future franchise player in 2026 or 2027 by making this trade.

They'll pick up the third overall pick in the upcoming draft in the process - no matter how weak the class may be, that's valuable.