3 draft options for the Rockets with the 20th pick

2022 NBA Draft
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After three consecutive seasons of being in the dregs of the Western Conference, the Houston Rockets have had enough. The Rockets' brass has made it known that they are ready to ascend into the next phase of their rebuild, with hopes of becoming contenders sooner rather than later.

And with upwards of $60 million in cap space and multiple picks in the first round of this year's 2023 NBA Draft, it's hard to blame them. And while much has been made about what they intend to do with the fourth pick, it seems as though not enough has been made about their second pick in the first round.

3 possibilities for the Rockets with the 20th pick

At pick 20, the Rockets will need to find an instant contributor and difference maker, as getting the pick wrong could set them back further. The good thing for them is that there will be several gems on the board to choose from, as the pick falls right outside of the lottery.

With that being said, let's take a look at three potential options for the Rockets with the 20th pick.