3 Draft prospects who could serve as Rockets' Jalen Green upgrade

Houston Rockets v Phoenix Suns
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1. Reed Sheppard

In many respects, Reed Sheppard has been held back by Kentucky Wildcats head coach John Calipari, who has kept him out of the starting rotation at the start of Kentucky’s games. Oftentimes, Sheppard has had to shoot Kentucky back into the game, by the time he’s entered.

Which hasn’t been a problem for him. Sheppard isn’t quite the most explosive guard, however his fundamentals make up for his lack of elite athleticism. This makes him an old-school guard, who makes the right reads and and can shoot the leather off the ball.

He often draws double-teams, which gives him the opportunity to show off his passing ability. The 6-foot-3 guard’s ability to shoot allows him to play well both on and off the ball.

Sheppard plays with toughness on both sides of the ball and is a good two-way player. To add color to that, he’s been one of Kentucky’s better defensive players, by the numbers. He has a high basketball IQ, which has helped hm as a defender.

Although Sheppard boasts a video game-esque 3-point shooting clip of 51.7 percent, his offensive bag consists of more than just long-range shooting, as he has a reliable mid-range shot and is great as a driver, which allows him flash his signature floater.

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