3 free agent point guard targets for Rockets not named James Harden

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It's well-known that the Houston Rockets need a point guard. The Rockets have experimented with playing Kevin Porter Jr. at the point guard spot and have realized Porter is better served on the wing, where he can focus on scoring and creating offense for himself.

The Rockets are heading into an offseason with the goal of securing their floor leader, with rumors swirling that James Harden could be that person. But Harden is no guarantee, as he's currently in a good situation basketball-wise and could be tempted to remain with the Philadelphia 76ers, who boast the 2022-23 MVP and his long-time running mate Daryl Morey. 

If Harden does indeed remain with the Sixers on a max contract, the Rockets will need to shift their focus and pivot to the other available options on the free agency market. And with $60 million in cap space, they'd have the ability to land essentially anyone that hits the market and becomes available.

Let's explore three other options, in the event that Harden stays in the City of Brotherly Love.