3 Free agents the Houston Rockets could sign to replace Reggie Bullock

It seems like Reggie Bullock is leaving the Houston Rockets
It seems like Reggie Bullock is leaving the Houston Rockets / Tim Warner/GettyImages
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The Houston Rockets have probably made most of their offseason moves already.

If you were expecting fireworks, you may want to manage your expectations. The Rockets seem to believe in the group they have - or at least, they believe in it enough to get more data on it.

Who knows? In 2025-26, this roster could look completely different. The Rockets could consolidate a number of their young players. For now, they're looking at more minor changes.

For example, Reggie Bullock isn't expected to return to the team. Here are four players they could sign in free agency to replace him.

3. Robert Covington

At times, it didn't feel like Ime Udoka trusted Bullock. Despite shooting a far better percentage from three-point range than Jae'Sean Tate, he consistently gave Tate the nod due to his superior defensive ability.

Might he trust Covington? He's a much better defender. Granted, he shot just 35.4% from deep last year. Covington may not be an optimal fit on a Rockets roster that badly needs shooting.

Counterpoint: Bullock played 9.5 minutes per game in 2023-24. The Rockets aren't replacing a cornerstone player here but a back-of-the-bench veteran. The organization could value Covington's veteran presence in the locker room, and his defensive toughness in practice.

Unless they do want someone who's more likely to crack the rotation...