3 Fringe Houston Rockets who deserve to be back next season

Will Boban Marjanovic remain with the Houston Rockets in 2024-25?
Will Boban Marjanovic remain with the Houston Rockets in 2024-25? / Chris Gardner/GettyImages
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Negativity sells.

How do we know? Well, this is our most clicked article for April. For those of you with an aversion to links, it's 4 Houston Rockets players who definitely shouldn't be back in 2024-25.

We're not here to lecture our readers. We wrote the article - we wanted you to click on it. If we were in your shoes, we would have done the same.

We are here to implore them to read this piece. It's intended to inject some positivity into your day. We will look at some fringe rotation guys who deserve to be back next season. Consider this a social experiment.

Will you click this article with the same frequency?

3. Aaron Holiday

We think Holiday should be back in 2024-25. That doesn't mean that he should be in the same role. We'd like to see him bumped further back towards the end of the bench.

Above all else, Holiday's 4.0 assists per 75 possessions is an area that the Rockets could look to improve. They'd be a better team if they could find a comparable floor spacer and defender who can also make plays.

Still, every team needs some insurance policies. Holiday may not be an especially dynamic offensive player. There were times in 2023-24 when his decision to take over as a primary ball-handler was met with a collective groan.

He still shot 38.7% from long range. Holiday was also a serviceable defender all year. He should be back in a Rockets uniform next season - whether he's in a reduced role or not.