3 just-traded players Rockets should've snagged themselves

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1. Xavier Tillman

It sounds redundant but the Rockets need a reserve big man. Like yesterday.

Alperen Sengun isn’t known for his defense (although he’s improved on that end). And he gets in foul trouble fairly regularly, forcing the Rockets to turn to Jeff Green, who isn’t a center, or Jock Landale, who simply isn’t good.

Xavier Tillman would’ve been a great option for the Rockets’ problems. Tillman is versatile on the defensive end and is very stout in the post, allowing him to hold his own against opposing bigs.

He’s also a glue guy, as he’s not afraid to do the dirty work. The Rockets don’t have this skillset in any of their centers.

And Tillman was acquired by the Boston Celtics for three second-round draft picks, which is what the Rockets gave up for Steven Adams, who won’t be available for this season altogether.

Tillman is still just 25-years-old and is on an expiring $1.9 million salary. There was hope amongst Rockets fans that Bismack Biyombo could potentially be a pivot attempt, however, the Rockets missed out on Biyombo too, as he signed with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Tillman could’ve been a legitimate option for Houston.