3 lessons Christian Wood has learned since being dealt by Rockets

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1. Wood's poor attitude matters more than his talent

Many have wondered why a player who can average around 20 points and 10 rebounds, while shooting 37 percent from long-range on a healthy amount of attempts wouldn't be able to stick with a team. To date, Wood has played for the Philadelphia 76ers, Charlotte Hornets, New Orleans Pelicans, Milwaukee Bucks, Houston Rockets, and Dallas Mavericks, and only the Rockets wanted to bring him back beyond just one season.

Wood's attitude has been a huge part of why he's been unable to find a permanent landing spot. Former Rockets coach Stephen Silas, who coached Wood in both Charlotte and Houston, explained why this has been the case.

"It was the maturity, it was the attention to detail, it was the listening part that he didn't really have and that's kind of why he bounced around until he got to us."

Wood once refused to enter into a game with the Rockets, which led to a one-game suspension. The crazy part is that Wood missed the team's COVID testing window and was relegated to the bench as a result. But when he was told to enter the game, he had the audacity to refuse to do so.

On the court, although Wood has put up good numbers, it's been difficult to get him to buy in to what his teams have needed from him. For example, although Wood is great in the pick-and-roll, he had zero interest in running the pick-and-roll with the Rockets.

A journeyman player who has been trying to land a major payday should be willing to do whatever is asked of him on the court. At least one would expect that.

The maturity concerns are valid, as is the poor attitude. Which is why Wood, who is a stretch big that is capable of doing essentially anything offensively (besides shoot free throws), finds himself on the free agent market still.