3 Lottery talents Rockets should monitor in best-case scenario

2022 NBA Draft
2022 NBA Draft / Sarah Stier/GettyImages
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2. Rob Dillingham 

Robert Dillingham is a hell of a shot-maker, as he constantly takes and makes the unmakeable shots. He’s easily one of the better shot creators in the draft class and his quickness is unmatched. 

And he already has NBA range. He can get his shot off with ease, and it doesn’t take much separation for him to let it fly. And he’s able to get to the free throw line with ease, due in part to his driving ability, which puts pressure on the defense. 

He also has a killer crossover and can easily break opponents down with his handle. He’s a poor man’s Kyrie Irving, based on his combination of moves and elite footwork at the guard position, not to mention his 6-foot-2 frame, much like Irving.

In addition to his ability to make tough shots. Dillingham is a score-first guard, who tends to create the necessary gravity to get his teammates open looks. Although he’s undersized, his athleticism mostly makes up for it.

Granted, he’s got ways to go as a defender, and may struggle due to his size, but he’s more than capable of playing the passing lanes for steals, and his athleticism could help him on that end.

Dillingham is often bailed out by long-range shots, but when you shoot over 43 percent from three, you can get away with that.