3 must-use Jabari Smith Jr. lineups for Rockets' Ime Udoka

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Lineup #2: Kevin Porter Jr./Jalen Green/Tari Eason/Jabari Smith Jr./Alperen Sengun

Considering that the Houston Rockets only won 22 games, a lot of the lineup data isn't too flattering.

The top lineup in this article was the only lineup that had a positive differential rating with the current players on the team (that included Jabari Smith Jr. in it). This next lineup was the closest to that with a differential rating of -3.1.

The first thing that stuck out with this lineup was that it was the best offensive rebounding unit in the league with an offensive rebounding percentage of 41.8 percent. Tari Eason and Alperen Sengun play huge roles in why the offensive rebounding is this good in multiple lineups.

They go after almost every shot attempt that gets put up and it puts a lot of pressure on the defense. This resulted in the team being the best "put-back" team in the league, averaging a bonkers 37.3 put-back plays per 100 misses (100th percentile!!!)

A promising outlook when viewing the stats from this lineup is the shooting that it can potentially provide. Even though the frequency which with the Rockets got 3-pointers up only ranked in the 29th percentile (31 percent frequency), the team in terms of accuracy hit a solid 50 percent on corner 3s (ranked 74th percentile) and 38.5 percent overall from 3.

It's not hard to imagine once Jabari Smith's jump-shooting bounces back to his pre-NBA efficiency, those numbers will rise significantly. Along with the improvements from KPJ, Jalen, Tari and hopefully improved jumper confidence from Sengun, this lineup could potentially be very good shooting-wise.

Taking into account the potential off-season growth from each of these guys, not including free agency pickups and draft acquisitions, this will probably be the most used lineup during the next season.