3 players the Rockets wish they signed over Jock Landale in free agency

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When the Houston Rockets signed Jock Landale to a four-year contract worth upto $32 million, the move was met with a optimism. For starters, Landale was coming off a 2023 postseason with the Phoenix Suns that saw him outperform Deandre Ayton in the postseason.

In addition, the Rockets' signing of Landale was essentially a pivot from Brook Lopez, which was also known and established. Let's recap for a bit.

The Rockets were getting what appeared to be a promising big man on a partially guaranteed deal that they could rid themselves of after the 2023-24 season- the only year that carried a fully guaranteed year. What could go wrong?

Well, apparently alot.

3 players that would've been better options than Jock Landale for the Rockets.

Any semblance of optimism regarding Landale has been eradicated. In fact, Landale has been removed from Rockets coach Ime Udoka's lineup for good.

Landale's start to his tenure as a Rocket has been abysmal, so much that many have already begun to ponder who else the Rockets could have landed instead of the Australian big man. Let's take a look at three players that would've been better options.