3 players the Rockets wish they signed over Jock Landale in free agency

Indiana Pacers v Houston Rockets
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1. Bismack Biyombo

Bismack Biyombo's placement on this list might be a surprise for some, as it seems like he's been in the league for decades. This is really a testament to Biyombo's durability, as he's still capable of being a high-level contributor in his 13th season.

Biyombo is the last of a dying breed, as it pertains to pure post defenders in the league. The 31-year-old center is a bargain at $5 million, as he's still capable of being a shot-blocking specialist (3 blocks in the Grizzlies' 106-98 victory over the San Antonio Spurs).

Rockets center Alperen Sengun is all too familiar with Biyombo's defensive dominance, as he struggled against the 6-foot-8 big man (6-of-20 from the field in the Rockets home-and-away series in December). Biyombo was also highly effective in the Grizzlies' matchup against Sacramento Kings' All-NBA big man Domantas Sabonis, which is no small feat. 

Biyombo is one of only six players this season to have registered at least 30 blocks while playing under 700 minutes. Of that group, he's also the oldest (surprise, surprise).

Offensively, Biyombo is beyond limited. That's always been the case and he has hands of stone now. He's still a force on the glass, however, as he averages 6.4 boards per game (two offensive rebounds).