3 Reasonable expectations for the Houston Rockets' offseason

What will Ime Udoka's Houston Rockets do this summer?
What will Ime Udoka's Houston Rockets do this summer? / Paras Griffin/GettyImages
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The NBA Finals are underway. As of this writing, it doesn't look like the Dallas Mavericks will be catching the Houston Rockets in all-time NBA championships.

At least, not yet. Luka Doncic is still young. Even if the Mavericks lose to the Celtics, their future is bright. The Rockets are going to have to play catch-up.

It won't happen all at once. Barring a wildly unexpected turn of events, the Rockets won't build a title hopeful this year. Still, look for them to continue to take baby steps towards title contention.

Here are three reasonable expectations for the Rockets this summer.

1. Houston Rockets will add some young talent

Ordinarily, this would go without saying. The Rockets have the third pick in the upcoming draft. Why wouldn't they add some young talent?

Well, the Rockets are seen as prime candidates to move their pick. The Mikal Bridges rumors persist. How can we be confident they'll add any young players this summer?

For starters, the Rockets also have a second-round pick. If they trade out of the first round entirely, they're still likely to secure a rookie in the second round. The ability to add cost-controlled talent on the backend of their roster is something that Houston is likely to value.

More broadly, trading back feels more likely than trading out. The Rockets may not keep the third pick, but unless the Nets are willing to play ball on Bridges, we suspect they'll move down in the draft in a deal with a team that covets Donovan Clingan. Alternatively, they may just keep this pick.

Either way, we expect them to add some young talent.