3 Reasonable expectations for the Houston Rockets' offseason

What will Ime Udoka's Houston Rockets do this summer?
What will Ime Udoka's Houston Rockets do this summer? / Paras Griffin/GettyImages
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2. Houston Rockets will improve their roster

Will they trade the pick? That's the question of the day. No matter the answer, we expect they'll improve the roster with some win-now help.

How? That's a different question. The Rockets could make marginal moves. They could attach the team-friendly contracts of Jock Landale and/or Jae'Sean Tate to some modest draft capital for a marginal upgrade.

Alternatively, the Rockets could make a blockbuster. That blockbuster could include the third overall pick - or not. Either way, they should bring a better team into 2024-25.

They didn't hire Ime Udoka to oversee a long-term rebuild. The Rockets did their tanking. Now, the goal is to continue improving until they're in the mix for a championship.

They'll have to plug a particular hole in their roster first.