3 Reasonable expectations for the Houston Rockets' offseason

What will Ime Udoka's Houston Rockets do this summer?
What will Ime Udoka's Houston Rockets do this summer? / Paras Griffin/GettyImages
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3. Houston Rockets will add shooting

It's no secret that the Rockets were one of the poorest shooting teams in the NBA last year. Limited three-point accuracy has been a common theme among the cornerstone players that the Rockets have drafted.

They'll have to inject some floor spacing into their roster ahead of 2024-25. As has been the theme here, we don't know how they'll do it. The simplest solution would be to select Reed Sheppard with the third overall pick.

Yet, that's not the only solution. If the Rockets like someone else in the draft, they'll have options. The team has already been linked to free agents like Malik Beasley and Buddy Hield.

Either way, we should expect the Rockets to bring in a shooter. Otherwise, they won't build a playoff-caliber roster ahead of 2024-25.

We consider that a fair expectation too.