3 reasons for Rockets to avoid a Mikal Bridges deal, 2 reasons to make the deal

Houston Rockets v Brooklyn Nets
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The Houston Rockets reportedly want to make a big splash at the trade deadline. They told themselves this was the year to make a run.

They expected the young guys to take a leap. And in some ways they have.

However, the Rockets find themselves 11th in the Western Conference with a 22-25 record. If the play-in tournament started today, they'd be watching it in a resort in Cancun.

For a team that spent $7 million annually on a head coach- a franchise record- this isn't good enough. Not to mention the $208 million between Fred VanVleet and Dillon Brooks.

The Rockets have deemed Mikal Bridges as the necessary piece to make them viable contenders in the West, although the Nets seem determined to hold onto him, which presents a conundrum.

Adding Bridges has its positives and negatives, however. Let's dive into why Bridges would be both a wise addition and a foolish one.

Reason Rockets should avoid: the price is too steep

The Brooklyn Nets are determined to hold onto Bridges. This is well documented.

They rejected the Memphis Grizzlies' offer of four first-round picks. Which is so outrageous that it's hard to believe.

Granted, any team acquiring Bridges would likely have low first-round picks, as contending teams would be the ones to trade for him.

However, the Nets seem determined to make the Rockets part with all of their assets for Bridges. Which is why they haven't yet accepted a trade offer of Jalen Green and their own unused draft picks from the James Harden trade of 2021.

For a Nets team that won't be done rebuilding by the time Bridges' deal is up, this should have been a no-brainer. Instead, they've clearly leaked the Rockets' trade offer, in hopes of making them desperate enough to get the deal done, as the Rockets will likely now have some rather tough conversations with Jalen Green, who was reportedly offered.

Adding more to the offer would be dumb, as Bridges isn't turning this team into a top-five team in the West this season, even if that is the goal. Again, the Rockets are 22-25.

Bridges isn't a primary option, rather he's more of a third option. Those don't usually take a team from 11th in the conference to contender status.

Getting rid of valuable draft capital and a promising player like Green for a player that isn't moving the needle is a no-go. At least it should be.

On the next page, I'll explain the value of such a move.