3 reasons for Rockets to avoid a Mikal Bridges deal, 2 reasons to make the deal

Houston Rockets v Brooklyn Nets
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Reason to avoid: midseason trades rarely make a huge impact

Another reason why a Bridges midseason trade would be foolish is because they rarely make a significant impact on the overall operation. And it's understandable why.

Players need time to get acclimated on their new teams. Trading for a player at the deadline means they won't have a full offseason and/or training camp to get familiar with their teammates.

Hell, we've even seen how that oftentimes doesn't even help. So imagine not having that extra time to find your role.

Sure, the Los Angeles Lakers underwent wholesale changes at the trade deadline last season, which led them to the Western Conference Finals. But they also had arguably the greatest player of all-time (certainly one of the greatest players of all-time) in LeBron James.

Teams oftentimes have to change their entire rotations and/or lineups when players are acquired at the deadline. In this case, the Rockets would also have to do that.

Trading Jalen Green for Bridges would force the Rockets to move Dillon Brooks to the shooting guard position in order to play Bridges at the small forward position. And although the current era is positionless basketball, this would force Brooks to play an entirely different role than the one he's played in and thrived in for the Rockets this season.