3 reasons for Rockets to avoid a Mikal Bridges deal, 2 reasons to make the deal

Houston Rockets v Brooklyn Nets
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Reason to avoid: Jalen Green has a much higher ceiling

Jalen Green is still coming into his own as an NBA player. He stood to have a harder time getting adjusted to Ime Udoka than virtually anyone else on the roster, as his previous coach, Stephen Silas, gave him the green light at all times. Green basically spent the first two years of his NBA career playing in a free-for-all offensive approach.

We didn’t see much designed plays, scheming, or game planning. It was very much about letting the young guys figure it out.

In came Udoka, who has traditionally prioritized more of a balanced approach in which everyone touches the ball. Green had been asked to defend and read the court to make the right plays, not just to get a bucket.

Which was quite the transition, as he’s been wildly inconsistent for much of the season. But lately, he’s been stellar.

In Green’s last five games he’s averaged 29.8 points, 7 rebounds, 3.8 assists, 65 percent from the field (52-of-80), and 35.5 percent from long-range (16-of-45). Obviously, this is a very small sample size, but it shows what Green is capable of doing.

Bridges doesn’t have this same potential.