3 reasons Stephen Silas should be proud of Rockets' tenure

Houston Rockets v Cleveland Cavaliers
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1. Silas waited decades for an opportunity that not many black coaches are afforded

Although Silas is just 49-years-old, he'd been preparing for this opportunity since he was just 27. All told, Silas had to wait 20 years for this opportunity, and had even been passed over during the interview process.

We've more than likely all had the displeasure of interviewing for a role that we were clearly prepared for, but getting passed over for another candidate. It can be deflating.

And especially for an African-American coaching candidate in the NBA, which has struggled to find opportunities for blacks over the years (although you wouldn't be able to tell now, as the league currently has 14 black head coaches).

When Silas got hired in 2020, the NBA had just seven head coaches, despite having 30 teams. Silas has accomplished something that many can't boast about: land a head coaching gig, as an African-American. And Silas has been a part of the NBA turning around their lack of diversity over the years.

He'll always be successful in that regard, and that goes deeper than wins and losses. So if this is the end of the line for Silas in Houston, he should be proud.