3 Reasons the Houston Rockets should consider starting Amen Thompson next year

Amen Thompson of the Houston Rockets is an outlier athlete
Amen Thompson of the Houston Rockets is an outlier athlete / Tim Warner/GettyImages
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Amen Thompson is complicated.

In a sense, he's a tabula rasa. That's a fancy word for a blank slate. There are a multitude of ways in which Thompson could develop.

On the other hand, there's a starting point for Thompson. He can provide something right now. Thompson is among the most athletic players in the NBA, and he's got an incredible mind for the game.

If Thompson stops developing, he's going to be a strong defensive wing and secondary playmaker. Yet, there's potential for Thompson to be so much more. If he can develop his ball-handling, he could be a primary playmaker with sufficient floor spacing around him. If his shot develops, the ceiling is the sky.

He's not going to reach that ceiling on the bench. Sure, the Rockets could let Thompson lead the second unit in 2024-25. Eventually, he'll need to start games on the floor to maximize his potential.

Why not start next season? Here are three reasons the Rockets should consider starting Thompson in 2024-25.

1. Development

Thompson may be complicated. This is simple. Fred VanVleet and Dillon Brooks are placeholders. They are not critical to the future of this organization. Thompson is.

He's not likely to be ready to run point on a full-time basis in 2024-25. So, it would seem more logical for him to take Brooks' spot. Still, it would be best if the Rockets could find some ball-handling reps for Thompson next season.

We can't say with certainty that he'll ever be a full-time point guard. That's fine. To find out, Thompson needs the opportunity to try. That means having the ball in his hands when the best players in the game are on the court.

This year, Thompson found success off the ball. He's highly efficient in the dunker's spot. That will serve him throughout his entire career, but for him to fully realize his potential, Thompson needs the ball.

He might as well find it with the starting lineup.