3 Reasons the Rockets must avoid signing James Harden at all costs

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2. Harden could have a negative impact on the potential coaching search

As of now, Stephen Silas is the head coach of the Rockets and was hired after the organization severed ties with Mike D'Antoni. After two seasons at the helm, Silas may be on the hot seat and the franchise could look to move on.

If Houston does decide to sign Harden in the summer, he could opt to suggest another coach. Even if Silas is fired, the search for another coach could be prolonged and used as a bargaining chip by the left-handed guard.

Harden's selection of a coach could affect the current core and it's clear that the next coach would have to have a developmental mindset. But if Harden does sign, he may opt for a coach who is ready to win now.

Right now, the Rockets need to focus on creating a brand-new culture that will be beneficial to the current roster that they have. The franchise should not wait for the Arizona State product or try to sign him because it will disrupt any innovation they may have at the coaching slot.

Signing JH in the summer would take a new coach hire and at least two seasons for the team to buy into their system. Also, there is no guarantee that young talent will develop that quickly.