3 reasons the Rockets should consider changing Jalen Green's position

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Jalen Green's talent as a scorer and ball handler is a very hot topic amongst the Houston Rockets community and for great reason. He has an incredible first step and speed, maybe top 3 in the league at this aspect.

And he gets great lift on his jump-shots. Learning pick-and-roll prowess and how to snake around defenders. He's also becoming elite at drawing fouls on his drives and finally learning change of pace and how to manage a game.

There are some things Jalen needs to work on, like consistency finishing at the rim, not making the game too difficult, keeping his jump-shot form consistent, throwing sloppy/lazy passes, and better shot selection.

But, all of the tools to become a dynamic scorer and underrated playmaker are there to craft.

3 reasons the Rockets should consider changing Jalen Green's position

There's an argument to be made, that Jalen Green is actually a better scorer statistically while playing the point guard position than at the off guard spot. We use Cleaning the Glass's player positional statistical data to make the case that Jalen is perhaps better at the point guard spot than being given credit for.

This is not a case for him being the full time point guard by the way, just as a back up option in spurts. Especially after the additions of Amen Thompson in the draft and Fred Vanvleet in free agency. Let's take a look at three reasons Jalen might be better off at the point.