3 reasons the Rockets should consider changing Jalen Green's position

Houston Rockets v Washington Wizards
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2. Fred and Amen could benefit from Jalen at the point

With the additions of Fred Vanvleet and Amen Thompson this offseason, It'll be hard to find Jalen backup point guard minutes to utilize his size advantage at the position and obvious jump in efficiency. I think Ime will utilize many different lineups this upcoming season, so we'll likely see some minutes for Jalen there

With Fred VanVleet being an excellent off-ball player, I think Jalen can still get on ball reps with our new starting point guard out there. FVV shot 42% on corner 3-point shots, but it is worth noting that only 7% of his shot attempts came from that spot.

According to NBA.com stats profile, 60% of Fred Vanvleet's 3 pointers were assisted, and his overall assisted field goal percentage is 38%. So, that might be an adjustment that Fred might have to make, but considering he said he wanted a fresh start here, I think he'd be willing to be off ball more considering the Rockets may have more offensive talent than what he played with in Toronto.

Amen though, might be a little tougher to explain. He has worked extremely hard on his jump shot, but I think it'll take a couple years before we can say he's a solid jump shooter that teams won't leave wide open on the perimeter.

He is a very solid cutter off ball, and I can see him doing really well off of dribble handoffs with Sengun and Fred Vanvleet. I can definitely see Jalen handling the ball some with Amen out there but admittedly it might be a little clunky right away.