3 reasons the Rockets should consider changing Jalen Green's position

Houston Rockets v Washington Wizards
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1. More offensive variety could be harder to defend

If Jalen wants to keep having point guard duties down the road, he'll have to get better as a passer and advantage creator. One term that I learned recently that really has stuck with me is "passing vocabulary".

The different types of passes that a player can make, the accuracy, the zip. Jalen is pretty good already at pocket passes in the pick-and-roll, and shovel passes inside to bigs when he attacks the basket inside. He's attained pretty good chemistry with Sengun with those.

If he wants to take his game to the next level, he'll need to pick Fred and Amen's brain with their passing vocabulary. Lob passes, cross court passes, bounce passes, zip passes, behind-the-back passes, and floater passes. The accuracy in his passing, the amount of velocity on them. Having two point guards he can learn from will benefit him greatly.

Ultimately, If the Rockets want to have a varied offensive attack, we should definitely keep exploring having Jalen handle the ball and develop Amen's off ball skills. I think, in the long run, having both of our star back court players being good both on and off ball will help the team greatly when it's time to win in the playoffs.

The team won't be easy to guard and gameplan against during a long series. It'll also be an easier transition once we transition out of Fred VanVleet's contract and have our guys go out there on their own.

There's a lot to look forward to this season!