3 Rockets most likely to be traded before the deadline

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On Thursday, the Houston Rockets made a deal with the Memphis Grizzlies, swapping Victor Oladipo and three second-round picks for Steven Adams. The league had been in a dead period, of sorts, on the trade front.

The Rockets are surely not done making moves, as they are reportedly making a fullcourt press for Brooklyn Nets forward Mikal Bridges. Not to mention their need for additional shooting.

With Oladipo gone, let's take a look at three other Rockets most likely to be moved ahead on the league's February 8th trade deadline.

3 Rockets players that could be on the move by the trade deadline.

3. Jae'Sean Tate

Jae'Sean Tate has been the subject of trade talks for quite awhile now. The Rockets reportedly discussed a Tate for Grant Williams deal with the Boston Celtics just last season, before the Rockets reportedly pulled out. 

Tate's market is now better than ever, as he's been healthy and has already played in more games in 2023-24 than he did in all of 2022-23. However, he's been underused, as his role has diminished more than ever before.

His 18.2 minutes are a career low and is usage rate is also a career low, as it's just 11 percent. But he's still capable of doing the same things as before: providing elite defense on the wing, providing playmaking, and providing elite cutting ability.

And he's on a team option next season. We've already seen reports suggesting that the Phoenix Suns are interested in trading for Tate, along with the Celtics, who are still interested in acquiring the 28-year-old forward.

Tate's market could be more robust than that.