3 Rockets most likely to be traded before the deadline

Detroit Pistons v Houston Rockets
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2. Jock Landale

Jock Landale seemed like potentially a good pick-up for the Rockets in free agency. Granted, he wasn't on their list of targets but he seemed capable of filling in as a reserve big man.

The Rockets were hoping to get the Phoenix Suns' version of Landale. The version that displayed relentless heart and hustle and outplayed Deandre Ayton more often that not.

Landale showed tenacious effort and energy on the defensive end and filled in with the starting five perfectly fine, when necessary. Landale was also highly coachable, which, when paired with his hustle, made him highly valuable. 

Especially in Phoenix. 

In other words, Landale had all of the intangibles where he lacked natural talent.

Unfortunately, his stint in Houston has been a disaster. He's largely been unplayable, outside of a recent mini stretch.

So much that no team has inquired about his services, despite a number of teams being in need of a big man. However, his contract holds value, as thus season is the only guaranteed year on his four-year deal.

His $8 million could be pivotal for the Rockets at the deadline.