3 Rockets who could be forced into retirement after the season

Houston Rockets v San Antonio Spurs
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2. Jeff Green

Jeff Green being on this list might be a surprise, for some. After all, he did just drop an efficient 21 points on 7-of-14 shooting and 68.5 percent true shooting.

At 37-years-old, Green started the season on a tear, leaving many impressed with his athleticism and play in his 17th season. Green was initially thrust into closing lineups, as Rockets coach Ime Udoka opted to finish games with Green in place of Jabari Smith Jr, while also acknowledging his commitment to his craft.

"It is impressive. He's extra athletic, still. 

He's very motivated. Takes care of his body and takes pride in his craft.

I think it's a testament to his work everyday and kind of what he rubs off on the team but it's kinda crazy when you think about it.

Still playing at that level. He's very reliable for us and we're asking him to alot of the times when guys are in foul trouble or guarding all over the place."

After awhile, Father Time caught up to him. It never loses.

Gone was Green from the closing lineups. Ditto for the highlight-worthy dunks and posters.

And truthfully, it's surprising that this wasn't the case from the start. After all, Green was brought in to be a veteran locker room presence and elder statesman for a young team in need of vets.

Not to be a legitimate role player on the floor.

At this point, Green has made $92.3 million and has won a championship already. He doesn't have anything left to prove.