3 Rockets who could be forced into retirement after the season

Houston Rockets v San Antonio Spurs
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1. Boban Marjanovich

Boban Marjanovich has become somewhat of an enigma on the Rockets roster. It's hard to justify why he belongs on the roster over, say, a high-level contributor. 

Marjanovich only enters the game at the end of blowouts and is extremely limited at this point, from a physical standpoint. It's been said that he's a great locker room guy, which is certainly true, as that reputation has followed him with each stop he's had in the league.

Six teams wouldn't all say that about him if it wasn't true. However, the Rockets are one of only two teams that didn't get rid of him after one season.

At a certain point, it also matters what a player brings to the team on the court. And Boban's biggest value add is using his 7-foot-4 size and height to unravel hung basketballs at the top of the scoreboard.

This was proven throughout the season, as Jock Landale seemingly struggled due to an ankle injury, forcing the Rockets to turn elsewhere for a reserve big, despite Marjanovich being on the roster. 

All told, Boban has had a good NBA career. He's played eight total seasons and made $40 million on the court. And he's certainly made more off the court as a State Farm actor,  especially considering how much the insurance powerhouse spends annually on their commercials.

At 35-years-old, it's time for Boban to hang it up. But it would also be wise of him to keep hanging around as long as he can, and raking it more checks while he can.

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