3 things the Rockets need to become true title contenders

Houston Rockets v Cleveland Cavaliers
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3. Back-up point guard

The Houston Rockets have a giant-sized hole as it pertains to point guard depth on the roster. This has forced Fred VanVleet to take on a hefty workload, to the tune of 37.4 minutes per contest (most in the NBA).

For a smaller guard like VanVleet, this isn't the recommended path. Lord knows the Rockets can't afford the 29-year-old to suffer any type of injury, as he's far too important to the team.

Rockets fans would love for Amen Thompson to take on that role as the reserve point guard, but it remains to be seen whether Udoka fully trusts the rookie floor general. Which is fair, as Thompson has missed significant time due to injury/illness thus far, so Udoka may not have gotten a great look at him yet.

Thompson has a bit of a loose handle, which impedes him as a facilitator at times. Even when Thompson beats defenders of the dribble, he often still loses control of the ball.

In fact, Thompson has the highest turnover percentage on the team (16.2 percent of turnovers committed per 100 plays).

Granted, he's still very young and very raw, but the team will need to get another floor general who Udoka trusts to play significant time. Aaron Holiday has been a good shooter for the Rockets, but he's far from a floor general, as his decision-making as a passer has been very questionable (if he even passes the ball).

Holiday's value is best served while playing alongside a floor general, due to his shooting ability. Again, the Rockets will need to add a reserve point guard, whether on the buyout market or at the trade deadline.